What Exactly is Black Hills Gold Jewelry?

Black hills gold is a particular type design of gold that many find in jewelry. It has a very distinctive design. Black hills gold is comes from South Dakota, Black Hills. The gold is usually handcrafted to perfection. In the process of creating the black hills gold,  crafters use more than just one color tone.

Where Does The Gold Come From?

South Dakota in the city of Black Hills is a mountainous area. The black hills is a place of great importance to the Native American people that live in the mountainous area.

During the times of the gold rush in the 1870s, there were many prospectors digging for gold. Most of the gold diggers set up camps around local towns in South Dakota such as Custer City, Deadwood, Central City, Lead and Hill City.

Black Hills Gold History

Henry LeBeau a French goldsmith in the 1870s was the first to make Black Hills gold. The story Henry LeBeau says he dreamed of an idea to design a multi colored gold after he passed out from dehydration and hunger. Although, other stories of the gold jewelry have come to surface.

Another man S.T. Butler claims he created the idea of the gold because he lived in the area in the 1860s. Now there is a manufacturing company in Deadwood, South Dakota that specializes in the particular gold. The company began in 1919 by the grand sound of S.T. Butler. His grandson is F.L. Thorpe started the company, and it still runs today.

In the present times, there are thousands of jewelers that make black hills gold worldwide. It is common for a small ring, or necklace or any jewelry at all to be to be black hills gold. In order to be this particular gold, it has to from the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The Design Of Black Hills Gold

The name comes from its unique design of the jewelry its self not because of a particular type of gold such a yellow gold or white gold. Some of the black hills gold characteristics are small vines, leaves, and grapes on the jewelry. The small pieces of either vines, leaves or grapes are typically made with different color tones of gold such as yellow, green and most famous pink or rose gold.