Cargo Ship With Trunk Full Of Gold Found

A cargo ship has been found close to Iceland’s borders that could very well be holding around $130 million in Nazi gold.

The gold is in a chest that within the SS Minden merchant vessel.

According to reports, the ship’s location is around 120 miles south of Iceland.

The discovery  of the cargo ship came about in the boat’s post room by members of the salvage crew. They believe that there is at least four tons of gold in the chest. The gold is from various banks in South America.

Nazis were shipping treasure to Germany. They were trying to get it to the country before World War II began.

Cargo Ship Carrying Tons Of Gold Found Off The Shores Of Iceland

Reports say that back on Septemeber 6, 1939, the SS Minden set sail for Germany from Brazil.

Adolf Hitler gave the orders for the crew to bring the gold back, in order to keep it out of the hands of the Royal Navy.

The ship has been beneath the waters of Iceland for a very long time. That is, until recently, when the UK based Advanced Marine Service came across the ship.

The group has asked for permission from Icelandic officials to go aboard the ship and bring back the gold.

According to a spokesperson for the Icelandic Environmental Agency, they have received the application, but it could be weeks before they get back to the salvage company.

The goal for the AMS team is to get the treasure back to Britain.

The ship is not necessarily in waters owned by Iceland. Though it is in what they consider the country’s economic zone. This means that officials from Iceland can enforce measures that make it so people can’t interact with objects within certain guidelines.

One thing they can not do, however, is take claim of the treasure.