Gold News

Slowly easing, gold has only lost once this month. Gold’s spot went down 0.2 percent this period, making it $1,243.40 per ounce. Gold futures for the month of August were down as well. According to the Euro Zone, central banks in Britain and Canada have set programs up during the financial crisis. It seems as … Continue reading Slowly, Gold Rises And Interest Rates Normalize

Precious Silver, unknown to many, has many different uses, even as cutlery. A good portion of people really stop, think, and separate “flatware.” Or care to know if their silverware is real silver or not. In this article, we will be discussing silver it such a semi-expensive metal. metal. We’ll likewise explain why it’s the … Continue reading Precious Metals Like Silver Make the Best Silverware

Many people don’t know that there is gold filled and gold plated in all jewelry. The two vary in techniques of how they are made, but do you know what the actual difference is? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! In fact, when the unscientific polls from friends and family came through we discovered that nobody … Continue reading Gold Filled VS Gold Plated and How They Vary

Gold slightly on a winning streak that it has not seen since back in April for the past three weeks. June futures for gold went up $3.50, settling at $1,227.70 per ounce. It ended the week at less than 0.1% above previous weeks. After data from the United Stated had shown that sales within the … Continue reading Gold Is Looking To Be On A Winning Streak

Gold rose a little bit after enduring a seven-week drop at the beginning of this recent session. The euro saw gains as well after candidate Emmanuel Macron prevailed and became the new president of France. Spot gold was up 0.3 percent at $1,230.63 an ounce yesterday after dropping to $1,224.86. Gold futures for the United … Continue reading After A Seven Week Drop, Gold Rose A Bit

Do you know the difference between real gold and fool’s gold? Fool’s gold is also called mineral pyrite gold, and it has a metallic luster and gold color. Fool’s gold is referred to like this because people would confuse real gold with pyrite gold. How Fool’s Gold Is Different From Real Gold Although pyrite and … Continue reading The Difference Between Real Gold And Fool’s Gold

Gold futures are looking good for investors as gold sees it’s the strongest week since last June. As tensions of war continue to grow between the U.S., North Korea, and the Middle East, investors are stocking up as the dollar continues to decline. Spot gold ended last week at $1,286.50 an ounce. Tuesday, Gold was the … Continue reading Gold Futures Looking good for investors As Tensions of War Continue To Grow