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Gold slightly on a winning streak that it has not seen since back in April for the past three weeks. June futures for gold went up $3.50, settling at $1,227.70 per ounce. It ended the week at less than 0.1% above previous weeks. After data from the United Stated had shown that sales within the … Continue reading Gold Is Looking To Be On A Winning Streak

Gold rose a little bit after enduring a seven-week drop at the beginning of this recent session. The euro saw gains as well after candidate Emmanuel Macron prevailed and became the new president of France. Spot gold was up 0.3 percent at $1,230.63 an ounce yesterday after dropping to $1,224.86. Gold futures for the United … Continue reading After A Seven Week Drop, Gold Rose A Bit

Do you know the difference between real gold and fool’s gold? Fool’s gold is also called mineral pyrite gold, and it has a metallic luster and gold color. Fool’s gold is referred to like this because people would confuse real gold with pyrite gold. How Fool’s Gold Is Different From Real Gold Although pyrite and … Continue reading The Difference Between Real Gold And Fool’s Gold

Gold futures are looking good for investors as gold sees it’s the strongest week since last June. As tensions of war continue to grow between the U.S., North Korea, and the Middle East, investors are stocking up as the dollar continues to decline. Spot gold ended last week at $1,286.50 an ounce. Tuesday, Gold was the … Continue reading Gold Futures Looking good for investors As Tensions of War Continue To Grow

The owner of Tanks-A-Lot, Nick Mead, a tank restoration company located in U.K. Cam across an astounding find. He bought a Chinese Type 69 Tank off of Ebay for $37,000, a design that resembles the Russian T-54. Chinese manufacturers created these tanks during the Gulf War, which were used by the Iraqi military. Mead was … Continue reading Gold Bars Found Hidden In Old Gulf War Tank

According to the GFMS 2017 Gold Survey published by ThomsonReuters, the average price of gold should stay around $1,259 an ounce. However, the unstableness in price will continue as the year goes on. It also believed that the production of gold would go down slightly even though the price has gone up this year, ThomsonReuters … Continue reading Gold Looking To Plummet After Starting Year High

Gold has been on fire for the past two weeks. However, investors have been on high alert as Congress is keeping the dollar low for the last seven weeks. Doing so has made bullion cheaper for those who buy it with different forms of legal tender. Gold has gone up 1.4.% since last week and … Continue reading Gold Is On Fire For Two Weeks In a Row