Gold News

Gold rates have raised almost two percent in July 2017, since the United States dollar value has decreased. Strategists are predicting gold prices to increase soon. February 2017 was the last time gold was as good as it is doing now. On Friday, gold prices were at an all time high after six consist weeks. It  was … Continue reading Gold Rates Back On The Rise? Analyst Say Yes!

A cargo ship has been found close to Iceland’s borders that could very well be holding around $130 million in Nazi gold. The gold is in a chest that within the SS Minden merchant vessel. According to reports, the ship’s location is around 120 miles south of Iceland. The discovery  of the cargo ship came about in … Continue reading Cargo Ship With Trunk Full Of Gold Found

White gold is a brilliant decision for gems, however many individuals don’t recognize where it comes from. We should understand what white gold is and how it is not quite the same as yellow gold. What Is White Gold This precious metal is a blend of bright yellow gold and different metals that make the … Continue reading White Gold: How It’s Made and What It’s Used For

The formation of gold has been a mystery to many for years. Tragically, leprechauns don’t exist so that we won’t be finding any gold pots at the finishes of rainbows. Additionally, chemists never figured out how to transform base metals into gold. Where does gold take its formation? If we can review back to our secondary school … Continue reading Formation Of Gold And Where It Originates

Slowly easing, gold has only lost once this month. Gold’s spot went down 0.2 percent this period, making it $1,243.40 per ounce. Gold futures for the month of August were down as well. According to the Euro Zone, central banks in Britain and Canada have set programs up during the financial crisis. It seems as … Continue reading Slowly, Gold Rises And Interest Rates Normalize

Precious Silver, unknown to many, has many different uses, even as cutlery. A good portion of people really stop, think, and separate “flatware.” Or care to know if their silverware is real silver or not. In this article, we will be discussing silver it such a semi-expensive metal. metal. We’ll likewise explain why it’s the … Continue reading Precious Metals Like Silver Make the Best Silverware

Many people don’t know that there is gold filled and gold plated in all jewelry. The two vary in techniques of how they are made, but do you know what the actual difference is? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! In fact, when the unscientific polls from friends and family came through we discovered that nobody … Continue reading Gold Filled VS Gold Plated and How They Vary