Gold News

On Monday, silver prices barely changed due to fewer people trading while investors had their attention on an overwhelming amount of economic data. March futures for silver were at $17.94 per troy ounce, practically the same as the previous close. Overnight, prices were fluctuating within a small range of $17.89 and $18.02. The precious metal is … Continue reading Silver Prices Steady Below $18

An unbelievable haul of solid gold and silver coins and bars was recently found in a suitcase behind a couch. A senior woman had inherited a house and the contents from a relative. She had an auctioneer come to help clear the house out. His jaw dropped when he discovered what was inside. Jonathan Humbert, … Continue reading Suitcase Of Gold & Silver Found Behind Couch

Ever since the rally in the dollar and global stocks following Donald Trump’s victory, gold prices have been under pressure. However, a UBS report says that investors are losing the optimism that came not long after the U.S. elections. This is reflected in the recovery of gold’s price. UBS says that there is room for … Continue reading Why Gold Prices Might Be Set For A Rebound

The shimmer of gold is not the only reason the precious metal is so captivating. For decades scientists have questioned why theoretical predictions of the properties of gold don’t match up with the experiments performed. However, highly detailed calculations have now removed the discrepancy. The energy needed to remove an electron from a gold atom, … Continue reading Chemists Strike Gold

Gold has been on the rise for the past three weeks, even as the U.S. dollar’s value continues to rise. Gold price is looking to go up 0.9% to $1,162.00 a troy ounce in February, according to the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. The precious metal saw a slim trading range during … Continue reading As the U.S. Dollar Continues to Rise, So Does Gold

Gold will decline much further before there is an increase. The average short-term gold timer responds to falling prices for the precious metal over the last month by becoming more persuasive. That’s the exact opposite of how they usually respond to declines, which suggests that there is strong optimism in the gold community. According to … Continue reading Gold Will Decline Before It Increases

Silver and Sterling silver are often confused as one and the same. What most people fail to realize is that silver is pure metal, and Sterling is an alloy. Sterling silver is made up of silver but also has a combination of other metals. It is approximately 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals such as … Continue reading What Exactly is Sterling Silver?

Quantitative Easing has resulted in the creation of over $4 trillion Dollars being created out of thin air. The Federal Reserve attempted to create readily available cash to stimulate economic activity. In the process, however, it has debased the U.S. dollar in an unprecedented manner. How is it that the Fed effects gold, oil and … Continue reading How The Fed Effects Gold, Oil, Stock Market

Seeing the faces of our customers dating back to the 1980’s, one thing is perfectly clear when it comes to selling your gold jewelry. There’s good news and a little bit of bad news, but the good news out’weighs’ the bad. A story we’ve heard from our customers, too many times to remember, goes something like … Continue reading The Good News Out’weighs’ The Bad