Scrap Silver Facts and Many Uses For The Metal

As stocks change, people are taking the collection of scrap silver, and selling it! It shouldn’t be a surprise that you can earn money buying and selling these precious metals. This article will be discussing ways to make money by selling scrap silver.

Thankfully, selling scrap silver is fairly easy . but you do need organization and consistency to maximize your profits. First off do your research to learn how buying and selling precious metals works.

Scrap silver is way more accessible than you think.

You can look online for daily even minute updates on the price changes of both gold and silver. A good website to look at is This website will always give you the recurrent prices for either silver or gold. Checking rates for silver before selling and buying is ideal to ensure you’re getting the best price possible. Another great tip is to go to several different stores that buy gold and silver so you can compare the prices.

All types of precious metals are typically weighed in troy ounces, although some companies will do it differently you can just converse the weights. If you have an interest in selling/buying scrap silver, it is important to know that it is not pure silver. Scrap silver is also goes by the name sterling silver has 0.75 of a base filler.

The normal base filler is commonly copper. The marking you should be looking for when buying or selling silver is includes .925, SS, sterling silver, or just sterling. Keep in mind when you are selling your scrap silver the company buying your silver has to earn a profit for themselves. Also, because silver is commonly lost in the refining process. You will not get silver troy ounce prices because it is not pure such as Silver American Eagles, Silver bars and others that are .999 silver.

Scrap silver or sterling silver is usually in older watches, antique candle holders, antique salt and pepper shakers, cups, forks, spoons, knives, brooches, pins, pens, and many other items.