Sewage In Switzerland Has Vast Traces Of Gold

According to scientists in Switzerland, at least 95 pounds of gold flows through the country’s sewage pipes yearly. The study was done by researchers at Eawag, or the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.

That equals out to being close to $1.8 million in gold.

The scientist also believes that there are around 6,600 pounds of silver flowing through those same pipes. Bloomberg estimates that that number of silver equals out to $1.7 million.

64 wastewater treatment plants all throughout the country had tests ran on them. For some time now, officials knew that precious metals had the possibility of mixing with sewage. However, they have never understood the exact amount.

More than likely, the metals are coming from gold refining plants in the country. Also, from the watchmaking industry, thus slowing adding more over time.

Scientist Find Gold In Sewage

Currently, the country of Switzerland is one of the world’s largest centers for gold-refining. 70 percent of all the world’s gold comes from Switzerland refineries.

People looking to find gold shouldn’t bring out their shovels just yet. Eawag says that the amount of gold in most areas is not enough financially to risk digging through the sludge.

With that being said, there is a region in southern Switzerland by the name of Ticino that has a lot of different gold refineries. With the mass amount of refineries in the area, it could be worth it to go through the sewage.
Some sewers in the U.S. may also contain gold.
Researchers at the Arizona State University said in the study conducted in 2015 that yearly a city with 1 million citizens flushes close to $13 million in precious metal into the sewage system.

However, some nations try to recover the precious metals by sloshing about their sewage systems. In Japan, there is a wastewater treatment plant that burns their sludge and are ab