Currently, more people are online searching for information on Bitcoins, than they are on how to buy gold. The new report comes from Google Trends. The new emergence of people finding interest in the cryptocurrency is due to stocks performing well. With that in mind, interest in gold is lowering. According to Bloomberg, gold was … Continue reading Google Trends Finds More People Searching For Bitcoin

According to reports, 2018 is shaping up to be the perfect year to buy gold. Commodity strategists foresee lower prices by December of 2018. Reports from Vivek Dhar, a commodity strategist from the Commonwealth Bank Austraila, are saying that gold will be low. He says currently, gold is neutral. However, most buyers will feel comfortable … Continue reading 2018 Looking To Be A Good Year To Buy Gold

According to scientists in Switzerland, at least 95 pounds of gold flows through the country’s sewage pipes yearly. The study was done by researchers at Eawag, or the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology. That equals out to being close to $1.8 million in gold. The scientist also believes that there are around … Continue reading Sewage In Switzerland Has Vast Traces Of Gold

With investors expecting for interests to go up again, gold has gone down once again this month. Platinum, on the other hand, was equal with palladium. This is a first since back in 2001. Diesel engines use platinum, but these particular engines aren’t favorable. Spot gold had 0.7 percent decline making it $1,284.37 an ounce. … Continue reading Investors Expecting Gold To Take A Big Dip

It is common nowadays to see gold leafs in action possibly on a beautiful desert such as a yummy ice cream, chocolate cake or even some delicious drinks. There is nothing more extra than seeing flakes of gold on some delicious foods especially because of its gold. The best part of having a couple of … Continue reading Gold Leafs Edibility, and It’s Components

In September, silver prices went down slowly, but are now back on track for their fourth drop in a row. The numbers come in as the different kinds of precious metals settle down in their price rates. Now in mid-September, silver price rates have decreased fourteen cents or eight percent from where it was at $17.73 per … Continue reading Prices Of Silver Are At A Decline The Time Around

In the United States data, the gold rates have regained new traction after being being down for a few months. There was a decrease dip below the $1300 gold prices. Recently, the United States economic database did have a small increase in the United States dollar value. which benefits the dollar denomination commodities such as gold … Continue reading United States Gold Numbers Rise Fast

As stocks change, people are taking the collection of scrap silver, and selling it! It shouldn’t be a surprise that you can earn money buying and selling these precious metals. This article will be discussing ways to make money by selling scrap silver. Thankfully, selling scrap silver is fairly easy . but you do need … Continue reading Scrap Silver Facts and Many Uses For The Metal

Black hills gold is a particular type design of gold that many find in jewelry. It has a very distinctive design. Black hills gold is comes from South Dakota, Black Hills. The gold is usually handcrafted to perfection. In the process of creating the black hills gold,  crafters use more than just one color tone. Where Does … Continue reading What Exactly is Black Hills Gold Jewelry?

Gold rates have raised almost two percent in July 2017, since the United States dollar value has decreased. Strategists are predicting gold prices to increase soon. February 2017 was the last time gold was as good as it is doing now. On Friday, gold prices were at an all time high after six consist weeks. It  was … Continue reading Gold Rates Back On The Rise? Analyst Say Yes!