Frequently Asked Questions

Read commonly asked questions on selling gold jewelry and scrap gold.

Will you send me a video of my session so I can review?

Yes. A link to watch the entire session online will be sent to your email address.  Here is a sample video below

How long do I have to decide to accept the offer?

You may take up to 48 hours to accept or decline our offer, from when we send you our e-mail of your results. If we haven’t heard from you by then, we automatically send out your check.

What happens to my non-gold items?

They become part of our purchase. If you want them returned you must include a self addressed stamped envelope in your package.

What if I decide not to sell?

Your gold items will be shipped back to you free of charge, provided you notified us within 48 hours of receiving our email.

How long will it take to receive my money?

We will issue a check within 24 hours of your decision to accept our offer. It will be sent via the US postal Service. Depending how close you are to Michigan, it may take a few days.

ELECTRONIC DEPOSIT: If you want an immediate payment through a bank wire, it can be arranged.

Are your payouts really higher?

Yes. Gold buyers can’t afford to pay these prices. In fact many of them sell to us!

There are two accepted measures of gold weight: Grams and Pennyweights. There are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce, and there are 20 Pennyweights in a troy ounce. Watch this

How safe is it to send my items?

We deliberately chose the more expensive delivery carrier, Fed Ex, for one reason, because they have a sterling reputation for safety and security.

Who is Sellwizer?

Our corporate name is Consumer Network Franchise Corp. We have stores in West Michigan called the Gold and Silver Exchange, which have the highest possible Better Business Bureau rating (A+). We have served over 57,000 satisfied customers.