Bizarre Places People Found Gold & Silver Pt 1.

Everyone knows a pot of gold does not always sit at the end of every rainbow. Instead, some people have found it just sitting in their backyards. Other bizzare places include in the walls of their ancient homes, or even right under your very feet. Still today, there are hundreds of people who set out to treasure hunt for gold. However, some people somehow manage just to fall into gold or silver. In this part one of Bizarre Places People Found Gold & Silver we will be sharing some of the rare findings of gold and silver.

Gold Coins found buried deep in back yard worth nearly eleven million dollars. Just recently in the past five years, a newlywed couple discovered a whole load of gold coins in their backyard. One day the newlywed couple were just walking their fur baby in the yard and found eight buried cans.

The gold coins were inside the cans. The tin cans contained one thousand rare mint gold coins. The rare minted condition gold coins were dated from 1847 all the way to 1894. An expert in rare coins in the California area Don Kagin said the coins were appraised for eleven million dollars in the United States.


The couple performed to stay anonymous to the public eye but did hold onto some of the rare coins. They even donated a large sum of the money to local charities. They have also sold some of the unique gold coins on Amazon. Today you can find some of the rare coins that same couple found in their backyard on sold by Kagin’s and also on the Kagin’s website.

Bizarre Places To Find Gold Pt. 1

The owner of a Rare Collectibles in the state of Pennsylvania Jeff Bidelman was helping a family friend clean out an abandoned home. He was also there to appraise some of the antique furniture. Upon the time Jeff Bidelman was evaluating the vintage furniture, he noticed something shiny inside the wall of the old home.

The homeowner’s daughter laughed and said a lot of people rumored that people used to stash money and gold coins in these walls. Jeff Bidelman then proceeded to kick down the wall. In the wall, he found around two hundred thousand dollars worth of rare silver and gold coins. The last we have heard from these medals was in 2010, and they still sit in the homeowner’s trust fund.