Burglars In India Steal Gold From Store

Burglars in India hit gold mind after drilling a hole in the ceiling of a pawn shop. The culprits ended up stealing nearly 3 kg worth of gold jewelry.

According to officials on the scene. The Mahalakshmi Jewelry store in is an area that many people frequent. It is on Kadappa Road in Kolathur. The shop owner gave great details to the reporter in the area.

Mukesh says that Monday through Sunday he has a schedule. Between 1 and 4 p.m, he goes out for lunch. On the Thursday of the incident, he made a quick stop to his home. Be that as it may, he saw that his jewelry was not there in his store. Not only the jewelry but the CCTV and the camera watching the store were wasn’t anywhere around.

He was able to see a whole that was cut 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet in the ceiling of the building. However, Mukesh said that the holes looked as if a lean person could fit through them to enter the building. However, he believes that it was a two-person job. Also, he says that the two people come from the district of Pali which is located in Rajasthan. According to the store owner, the two people he suspects had recently come to the owner of the building to ask about the shop on top of his. They were looking to rent the store.

Burglars In India Get Away With Gold

Authorities believe that the suspects put the shutters of the store down on the shop they were going to rent. However, they did so in order to drill a hole in the jewelry store. Also, the culprits told the business owner that they did so in order to prep for painting.

A man who works at a temple across from the shop said that the video camera on his premises was missing with as well. The temple faces the jewelry store in questions. Forensic experts have been on the scene taking fingerprints so that they can find the burglars.