Cookie Shop in NY Sells World’s Most Expensive Cookie at $1,000

Are you a lover of all things cookie related? If so, we have just the decadent treat for you! Fair warning though, this treat comes with a high price tag and is only for those with money to lose. The frivolous cookie of your wildest dreams is finally here. Ever wonder what gold tastes like? Unique 23 karat gold-leaf covers this magnificent pastry. The price for this wild work of art? $1,000.

Also called “The thousand-dollar cookie” thanks to its sky-high price, this creation is found in the Big Apple. Sofia Demetriou is the owner of the cookie shop that sells this expensive treat.

Demetriou began her cookie business “Duchess Cookies” only last year. She had the idea for an expensive treat so she could get her foot in the door of the luxury market and to increase her online sales. The regular cookies found at Duchess Cookies goes for about $4.

Why Create a World’s Most Expensive Cookie?

Demetriou says her thought was merely why not? She wanted to create an elaborate and beautiful consumable that is very exclusive to people.

The shop owner also hired Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian West‘s best friend. Cheban is known as the “FoodGod” and helps promote the luxury item across social media.

Sales increased by 50 percent according to Demetriou the day after Cheban promoted the product.

The red velvet cookie featured in this creation contains ruby chocolate, an import not yet available in the US. The baked good is then coated with 23 karat gold leaves.

However, the cookie isn’t the most expensive part of the display. In fact, it’s the fixtures surrounding the pastry that truly drive up the cost of the treat.

The pastry sits inside a sculpted chocolate shoe that rests atop a fine-china Baccarat catchall. There’s even a 36-in freshwater pearl necklace that you get to keep cascading down the side of the chocolate shoe.

Demetriou says her cookie is the most expensive one in the world. She scoured the internet to find others, but none can compare in price to hers.

As of now, however, she has only sold four of her indulgent cookies. Two of the buyer are from Dubai and the other two from nearby in New York.

Demetriou says many clients want to purchase it for their wives. However, they haven’t received much information from that side.