Olympic Medals Have Precious Metal Value

The Olympic medals are a staple of the winter and summer Olympics. Athletes who win them feel as though they are priceless. Robb Stauber, The USA Women’s Ice Hockey Coach feels that when it comes to teams, they want the gold.

But some folks wonder in the medals are indeed made from precious metals to which they receive their names.

Reports say that that solid gold hasn’t been in use for the medals since the Sweden Olympics of 1912. Back then, the medals were nowhere near the size of the ones from today. Though they were small in size, they were made from solid gold. Now, the gold medals in today’s Olympics are more sterling silver than gold. They do, however,  receive a gold plating.

Gold medals must contain at least 6 grams of gold. That’s worth close to $480.00 in gold prices today.

The silver Olympic medal comes in at around $238.00.

Bronze, on the other hands, isn’t even worth ten bucks!

Collector medals are worth a lot of money.

Olympic Medals Have Actual Value To Them

Collectors say that the valuable medals are going to be those from former famous athletes. Like the one Jesse Owens wore after winning the Olympics.

Recently, someone purchased Jesse Owens’s 1963 Gold Medal for over a million dollars.

Athletes all over the world prepare and hope to earn a gold medal someday.

There is still time to see if any of this year’s medals will be an apart of the history that comes with being in the Olympics.

When making the medals, countries have the option of choosing their design. Be that as it may, certain symbols and the name of the country that is hosting the games have to be visible on them.

Also, each of the medals has to have a diameter of at least 66 meters.