Places People Found Gold & Silver Pt 2.

In Part 2 of this writing, you will find out  about more of the bizarre places people have found gold and silver treasures. Who knows, you could be the next to find thousands of dollars worth of gold the next time you’re walking on the beach or even your backyard.

Depending on the condition and the type of coins or even just old gold or silver you could find things worth millions of dollars.

Most people fall upon valuable gold or silver because of their attention to detail. So keep your eyes open. You can start by looking around on your land, right?

Precious metals found in bizarre places

Cousins Kevin Elliott and Martin Elliott were out and about in their family’s land used typically for farming one hot summer day. Kevin had always wanted to know how to use a metal detector.  His cousin Martin showed him that day. Not long after getting the hang of using the metal detector the boys found some ancient silver coins.  There were over nine thousand coins altogether. Later the coins the Elliott cousins found were valued at $426,856. In the year 2000, those coins broke a record as the most significant hoard of Roman Silver Denarius Coins.

Everyone has heard of the hit television show Storage Wars. The TV show features regular people buying storage units because the original owners/renters of the storage unit were unable to pay their bills. Well, a man literally hit a pot of gold when he purchased a unit for around eleven hundred dollars. Inside of the storage was a jackpot.  The man found gold and silver bars valued at five hundred thousand dollars. Talking about a bizarre place to find gold.  Later the coins were sold on another television show called American Auctioneers.

Learn how to use a metal detector and get to searching.  You never know what you might find where.