Pot Of Gold Found In The Netherlands

With St. Patrick’s day around the corner, some may be following rainbows for the pot o’ gold. However, sometimes, that gold can be at the end of a drain pipe such as in this case. Utility workers in the Netherlands came across a pit of gold that is centuries old.

Altogether, there were 500 coins in a cooking pot. Most of them were of silver, but 12 of them were gold. On March first, employees from a drinking water company stumbled upon the treasure. They were in the process of laying down pipes. The workers got in contact local archaeologists to inspect the pieces.

According to one archeologist, their textiles in the pot that could have once been for money. Most of the coins have dates that go back to the 1470s and 1480s. On the face of some, the coins depict an image of King Henry VI of England. Also, David of Burgundy, and Pope Paul II.

The newly found treasure trove gives the archaeologists insight one what took place during the medieval times. The pot, in a sense is full of stories.

Pot of Gold Found In The Netherlands

The different designs on the coins can help researchers in the area learn more about the Burgundian Netherlands. This area of land includes what is now Belgium, Northern France Luxembourg, and of course, the Netherlands. The land was ruled by the dukes of Burgandy, with ties that go into the royal family of France. Between the years of 1384 and 14777, the Burgundian Netherlands was on the map. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City reports that some of the coins were in use at that time.

According to city officials, the coins are in the process of appraisal. However, the way will be given back to the project developer of Oasen and the people who were having the pipes changed in the first place.