Sibanye-Stillwater Gold Mine Kills Two Employees

Sadly another two miners at the Sibanye-Stillwater Gold Mine are dead after an unfortunate event. There death was due to a section of the Kloog gold operation collapsing. The South Africa Sibanye-Stillwater Gold Mine killed two miners on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018. The death of the two employees happens comes not too long after another incident. Only fourteen days ago over a thousand workers were trapped in a different mine.

There were around one thousand employees at another company that were mining for gold as well all of the workers were underground in another part of South Africa. In a statement by Sibanye-Stillwater Gold Mine at this time the company has closed down the affected areas of operations.

Another Unfortunate Event Occurs At The Sibanye-Stillwater Gold Mine

According to a spokesperson, they are waiting for a proper investigation.  Those conducting the investigation will be the Department of Mineral Resources and other relevant stakeholders. There was seismic event at the time of the collapse. However, nothing has not been any new information from the Department of Mineral Resources and other relevant stakeholders. Information from the collapse earlier in the year says that it was due to a power outage. The employer of the one thousand workers Beatrix Gold Mine came out with a statement. After being underground for over 24 hours, miners finally saw rescue teams.

The CEO of Sibanye-Stillwater Gold Mine Neal Froneman said in a statement after the accident that took two men’s lives he wants to expand the safety of his workers at the mine. Neal Froneman, the chief of executive of Sibanye-Stillwater Gold Mine, says the company plans to expand internationally by tapping into new markets across the world. Sibanye-Stillwater Gold Mine business wants to gear its attention to the U.S. as its primary listing from Johannesburg. They want to increase its sales in North America.