Here’s Our Pricing Process

Before your package is ever opened for pricing, our cameras are rolling

 Your items are separated by Karat

Your items are separated by Karat which measures the
amount of gold in jewelry. For example, 24K is 100% gold,
18K is 75% gold, 14K is 58.33% gold, and so on. If necessary, we have tests that determine the Karat. What is a karat?

 Your gold jewelry items
          are then weighed

There are two units of weight are used: Grams or Pennyweights. To learn the difference, check out this video


 Your Price is Based on
         Karat Plus Weight

We then tabulate the weight of all the various Karats and assess a
value to all your items. This evaluation is then emailed to you
for your review. You then make your decision, notifying us by email




Here is the current live price of Gold