Gold futures are looking good for investors as gold sees it’s the strongest week since last June. As tensions of war continue to grow between the U.S., North Korea, and the Middle East, investors are stocking up as the dollar continues to decline. Spot gold ended last week at $1,286.50 an ounce. Tuesday, Gold was the … Continue reading Gold Futures Looking good for investors As Tensions of War Continue To Grow

Gold has been on fire for the past two weeks. However, investors have been on high alert as Congress is keeping the dollar low for the last seven weeks. Doing so has made bullion cheaper for those who buy it with different forms of legal tender. Gold has gone up 1.4.% since last week and … Continue reading Gold Is On Fire For Two Weeks In a Row

Prices on Gold remain the same Tuesday, which was expected since there was a hike in interest rates that sent the dollar sky high. As the dollar index continues to grow, it makes gold a bit more expensive for those not in the U.S. to invest in the precious metal. Since the Federal Reserve increased … Continue reading Federal Reserve Associates Speaking On Gold Today