Dyson Creates 23.75 Karat gold Hair Dryer

Dyson has done it again. Most people know them for making some of the best vacuums in the world. However, they also make hairdryers, heaters, fans and air purifiers. For those of you who love their gold, you are not complete without the new Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer. This specific dryer has a layer of 23.75 Karat Gold leaf on it’s surface. This wonderful and beautiful new hair accessory comes at the cost of $499.99 and can be purchased directly through Dyson.com or one of their direct demo stores.

New Dyson Hair Dryer Made With 23.75 Karat Gold

The original Supersonic Hair Dryer is about $100 less. With that in mind, if you are ready to upgrade, it’s not too far out of reach. Dyson is a very reputable company when it come to vacuums. However, now you can have the best of both worlds. You can have functionality and beauty all wrapped into one. A master gilder gilds each Supersonic. Karen Haslewood, a master gilder, taught the Dyson engineers how to successfully guild the gold to the Hair Dryer. The first step in creating this beautiful hair dryer is the application of the primer before the gold.

First they apply the Red Gresso Primer. The hue of the primer was purposely selected with the intentions that you would see hints of the color as the hairdryer is used and patina appear. Five gold leaf layers, sourced from Florence Italy, are 0.1 microns thick and applied by hand to the primed area, and then smoothed together to create a flawless finish.

The main body of the Dyson Supersonic is Dyson Blue. All attachments match the body color and neatly sit in a protective case that is the same Red color as the primer base. This hairdryer is a “work of Art!” So if you are like me and want a unique new accessory to complete your make up room, this is a “must buy” item. I know I’m going to start saving my pennies!