Gold Coin Left In Salvation Army Kettle

A mystery person left yet again a gold coin in a Salvation Army red kettle that is worth over $1,000. This occurred in Springfield, Ohio on Black Friday. According to the development director Ryan Ray this not something new.

It was the third year in a row that on Black Friday someone left similar gold coins.

The director of the Salvation Army in Ohio says that they don’t know who is doing this, but it’s amazing.

To make things even better, the coin had a $100 bill wrapped around it. Not including the money, the gold coin is worth close to $1,300.
The organization will be selling the coin in order to help families in need this Christmas.

The only person who knows who the mystery person is the bell ringer who was working that night.
She says the person dropped the money and coin so fast, that she didn’t have enough time to thank them.

Currently, the red kettle campaign brings in the most money for the Salvation Army. It is there to help families struggling during Christmas.

Mystery Person Leaves Gold Coin In Red Kettle

Money from the campaign also goes to after-school programs, and homeless men and women.

The Salvation Army was able to raise around $130,000 last year during the kettle campaign. According to the organization, every cent that is given to them goes back out to the community.

So far, they are a bit behind where they were last year in funds. However, their directors believe that closer to Christmas will be when they hit their mark. Times are tough for most people during the holidays, and whatever little anyone can donate helps in a great way.

The organization wants the phantom giver to know that they love and respect their humility. Also, that they are thankful for them entrusting their generous donation to them. They will forever keep the phantom donater in their hearts.